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Check out the best carpet cleaning reviews prior to buying one


There are lot of positive functionalities of a carpet and how best they help in keeping you warm and safe from cold, bad floor and others. With carpet we often fancy the story of Aladdin, his magic lamp and magic carpet which used to fly. In reality a carpet doesn’t fly but it is indeed a very precious part of the house and can transform an ordinary looking house into a magical one. This is possible because of the great textures and design of carpets available. Carpets are popular in offices as well as it can exuberate a very professional and classy environment.

Business owners prefer covering up the entire office floor space with carpet such that the office looks rich and smart. An initial impact of a well decorated office can help immensely in gaining new clients and also impressing your employees so they feel secured of the work environment and cleanliness of the office. However with carpets used in offices, it must be cleaned on daily working days so that the texture and hygiene of the carpet is maintained at all times. While getting the perfect machine please do check the Hoover carpet cleaner reviews, as Hoover is one of the most quality and reliable manufacturer on the market. This will help you immensely in making the perfect decision before buying.


Maintain fresh and healthy environment

It’s important that we maintain a fresh and clean environment devoid of dust particles. It’s also advisable to wash the carpet once in a while so that the dirt is completely put off. After which it’s important to get it sun dried and that will help in making the carpet look fresh and hygienic. You need to have the best cleaner for carpets. Depending on the thickness, material and use of the carpet, you can get a cleaning machine to do the basic maintenance. With the ease of internet and people across the world who share valuable information and feeds via forums, on websites and other online portals, it has become easy to check the carpet cleaning machine reviews and make the most of this opportunity in deciding the bets cleaner which fits your requirement. Keeping this in mind one can better decide the product they need based on the usage and reviews.

Take care of your health using home air purifier. Our top 10 here!


Looking for an efficient air purifier that will work well to remove pollutants from air in a room? Then look no further as we will be taking a look at some of the best air purifiers available today. Good air purifiers are capable of removing up-to 99.97% of pollutants in the size of as small as 0.3 microns. The cleaning effect is even achieved better on bigger sized pollutants. By removing these harmful pollutants and allergens, purifiers protect people from breathing contagious diseases like asthma, flu, allergies, and the like. Below is a list of 10 of the best air purifiers available in the market today.

1. IQAir New Edition Health Pro Plus Air Purifier.

Although this is a quite expensive air purifier and is mostly used for commercial purposes, it is undoubtedly the best purifier available today. It features a filtration system that has 4 stages which includes the ability to filter out dust, allergens, smoke fumes, and gases and also comes with a superior noise suppression system.


2. GermGuardian AC4825 Air Purifier.

This purifier has a lot of positive reviews from various users and comes at a very reasonable price making it one of the bestselling purifiers today. It features a slim, sleek, and lightweight design that makes it easily portable and easy to use anywhere in a home. Due to its extremely low noise levels, it is best suited in a bedroom.


3. Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner.

This air cleaner comes with a three stage filtering system, built-in quality sensor, and plasma wave technology at a very reasonable price. It is very suitable for rooms which are large and up-to 350 sq. ft. in size. IF you require more coverage, the Whirlpool Whispure is also a great investment that is reasonably priced and able to cover up-to 500 sq. ft.


Say goodbye to the ridiculous 1099 part of Obamacare

Last Tuesday, in a rare agreement between the Senate, House and White House… Senate Democrats conceded defeat in the battle of how to pay for repealing the expanded 1099 reporting provision that passed last year, as part of Obamacare. The bill passed in the House on a 314-to-112 vote, with all Republicans present as well as 76 Democrats voting in favor; 112 Democrats were opposed, as could be expected.

The legislation being repealed would have put an unnecessary book keeping strain on small businesses, requiring them to file a 1099 form for every vendor or employee that received more than $600 a year from the business. Imagine the amount of vendors that say, a small restaurant uses. Add in the number of employees, and you can see the issue at hand.

Perhaps this glaring flaw would have been noticed when the President and the then Democrat-controlled Congress signed it into law, if they had actually read the bill…

In voting to approve the bill, the Senate agreed to adopt a House Republican measure that Democrats viewed as an effort to undermine and defeat their healthcare law. The bill passed the Senate by an 87 to 12 vote— with most Democrats voting in favor of the Republican measure.

Despite the agreement of both parties that this “flaw” in the Health Care bill needs to be removed, something even Obama himself admitted; there is disagreement in how to handle the $22 billion in lost revenues, resulting from the repeal. The “lost revenue” is actually just money that the tax payer (aka small business owners) will not be required to pay, when in reality it is money that the government is not losing since Obamacare does not fully go into effect until 2014. Of course Democrats want to argue with Republicans on a way to “make up” that “lost revenue” coming out of your pocket.

All squabbling aside, when Obama signs this repeal, it will be the first success in repealing any part of the massive Health Care bill, as many Republicans promised to do so upon being elected in the 2010 election cycle. It seems to be a very small, almost baby step, but it is the step in the right direction.

The $2,000,000 Logo

Well, if you’re wondering why Barack Obama won’t agree to any coherent spending cuts as a deal to raise the debt ceiling… one of the reasons is that he’s got an entire bureaucracy of government employees working hard to change logos for the old food pyramid. Heck, they’ve even put together a full scale video production to talk about it.

I’m not sure what part of “HEY! WE’RE OUT OF MONEY” the looters in Washington don’t understand. It’s absurd to think Obama’s economy goons are running around demanding an increase in their credit limit while cranking out multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for a new food group logo.

In an effort to simplify the message it gives the public on healthy eating, the federal government today unveiled a new icon to replace the complicated and confusing food pyramid: It’s a plate divided into four sections, with fruits and vegetables on one half and protein and grains on the other. A circle for dairy — indicating a glass of milk or container of yogurt — rests to the right of the plate.

Oh don’t worry though… it’s not just an expensive production video and high end flashy image makeover, they’ve gone ahead and given us an entire website dedicated to the new look. Welcome to ChooseMyPlate.gov.

Afraid the big multi-million dollar campaign might be a bit too overwhelming to understand? They’ve got you covered. The campaign comes stocked with a complete ten page instruction booklet that includes helpful tips like “Examples of Incorrect Usage” for the new logo.

Yep… nothing to worry about here. You might be broke, unemployed and unable to put gas in your tank, but now you know you might want to include an orange, a dinner roll, a piece of chicken and some green beans in your next meal. Aren’t you glad they’re here to help us idiots know better?

Here’s that big ole’ confusing logo we used to be stuck with.

Fortunately we’re all saved, though… now that we have this new logo aimed at bringing about the real change we were promised.

-Eric Odom

New Report Outlines Crimes of Obama Administration

An explosive report put out by California Republican Congressman Darrell Issa details a damning list of Obama and his administration’s crimes. The report lays out a brutal look at how the Obama machine used taxpayer dollars and government power to spread propaganda during his push for government mandated healthcare legislation.

WND has a PDF containing the full report located here.

The first point I want to bring to light is the Andy Griffith TV commercial the administration spent $700,000 developing, producing and marketing in favor of Obamacare. For those who don’t remember, I’ve posted the ad below.

Not only is the ad clearly propaganda, it’s not even accurate. In fact, it’s a down right lie.

But Republicans say the ad campaign goes well beyond general explanations of Medicare benefits, and argues in favor of the health-care law, whose repeal is favored by 59 percent of voters, according to a poll.

The campaign’s “promise that ‘benefits will remain the same’ is just as fictional as the town of Mayberry,” wrote Brooks Jackson of FactCheck.org.

The second front in the report, relevant to the healthcare horserace, is the fact that the Department of Health and Human Services paid an economist almost $400,000 to work as a PR agent for the government agency. During his time on the clock for the taxpayers, economist Jonathan Gruber wrote a plethora of op-eds in favor of Obamacare. Not once did he disclose his government pay.

The report also states that Gruber actually testified before the Senate… in favor of Obamacare without disclosing the $400,000 he was receiving.

These two stories are old news in a way, but now they’re a part of a larger report put forth by a member of Congress. And that can’t be good for the Obama administration.

Americans Increasingly Think Repeal Is Likely

The latest Rasmussen poll of likely voters shows that, by a margin of 16 percentage points (54 to 38 percent), Americans support the repeal of Obamacare. Among independents, the margin is 30 points — 61 to 31 percent.

Moreover, Americans are becoming increasingly convinced that repeal is not only possible but probable. Fifty-eight percent of Americans now think that repeal is likely. Fewer than half as many (28 percent) think that it’s unlikely. Such confidence in the repeal movement represents a high-water mark to date: Rasmussen writes that the tally of those who think it’s “at least somewhat likely” that Obamacare will be repealed is “the highest ever measured since the bill became law 19 months ago.”

Jim Capretta explains that Republican presidential candidates’ pledges to use the reconciliation process, if necessary, to repeal Obamacare, offers further reason for voters to believe in the prospects of repeal. He writes,

“Reconciliation is a special legislative process established by Congress to provide for expedited [filibuster-proof] consideration of important budgetary legislation….

“Reconciliation didn’t play a small role in Obamacare’s passage, as has been suggested [by some of its supporters]. Without reconciliation, Obamacare would not have become law at all….

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“It’s true that Obamacare includes some provisions that, on their own, might be considered non-budgetary, but not nearly as many as some may think. The entire machinery of the coverage provisions — the individual mandate, the Medicaid expansion, the employer requirements — is entirely fueled by federal money (in the form of both subsidies and penalties). Moreover, the state exchanges and the regulatory apparatus they are intended to impose are also financed by federal taxpayers. Repeal of all of these provisions, which are the guts of Obamacare, is plainly a budgetary matter, and therefore appropriate in reconciliation.”

The key is to have a president who would sign such a bill into law. Thus, the key to repeal — as it’s always been — will be to replace President Obama.